Our unique approach to Ministry is about creating Christ centred adventure experiences focused on using the great outdoors as the perfect setting to strengthen, rekindle or introduce the Christian faith.


Our missionary tours aim to attract all Christians from around the world to experience Africa with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, strengthening their Faith and helping millions find theirs!


Our fishing and hunting experiences are about improving the father and son relationship and creating the opportunity to for both Dad and teenage Lads to learn about Jesus, the wisdom of the Bible and how having a relationship with God will see your own bond with your son or father flourish.




15 Nights of Spiritual Adventure awaits as we travel from Cape Town to the Okavango Delta and back on our first Ministry On Tour: Africa!

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Eight dates already confirmed for 2025 as we build a full Adventure Ministry program! We are aiming for 16 Hunting Experiences in 2025!

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We have fishing experiences confirmed for 2024 which will be available for booking shortly. You can register by filling out the form below and we will send out details as we go live.

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BASS HAVEN - Incredible Venue!

6 steps down to the river, surrounded by mountains and farm fields, lies an absolute gem of a cottage, perfect for a small group to getaway!

Outdoor braai on a large veranda and an indoor fireplace to warm up the winter nights, two bedrooms, bathroom and en suite, we had an incredible weekend and signed this one off as PERFECT!

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A Vision Inspired by God

Our vision is the creation of a ministry that is blessed and inspired by God. We believe that a gift has been bestowed on our family and we must act to serve God and be a ministry of hope, joy and strength to fathers and their sons.

Adventure signifies the medium we have chosen but also aptly describes the journey one has when you live a life led by Jesus. It is a Glorious adventure.

An Adventure led by Jesus

The father and son relationship is key to the success of any society.

50% of all households do not have a father figure and this has been identified as one of the biggest contributors to a society lacking discipline, void of basic life skills, a huge increase in substance abuse, sexual immorality and where Christianity continues to be attacked.

We can provide hours of statistics but prefer to look forward and spend time changing the world, one prayer, one relationship at a time!

The apostles like Paul went on missions traveling thousands miles and spanning many cities always under the threat and imminent danger of being persecuted for their Christian faith and as a follower of Jesus.

Adventure Ministries is hoping to serve God in some small way by taking examples of the committment and strength from the adventures of Jesus and his apostles like Paul.

There is no conspiracy, world leaders ARE rebuking Christian values and the main stream media continues to spread messages of secularism and paganism.

We have to be steadfast in our faith and be courageous in going against the tide of evil and ensure that the word of God is spread far and wide.

Adventure Ministry is about using new, exciting and innovative ways to achieve our mission.

A Mission filled by the Holy Spirit

Our mission is to bring father and son together on fun-filled adventure trips where we explore the Bible and it's teachings, strengthen the bond between yourself and your son or father and introduce what God can do in your life, if you allow Him to.

This is not about Bible bashing, it's about exploring Christianity and awakening our faith together. It's about building trust in what the Bible teaches whilst spending time in the great outdoors.

By focusing on the father and son relationship, the relationship that is CRUCIAL to society, we hope to bring Christianity back into as many households as possible.

We believe that every trip will be filled with the Holy Spirit who will guide us, strengthen us and protect us.

A Humble Message of Hope

We can only bring a humble message of hope.

Our prayer of hope, is that our visitors will accept the gift of the Holy Spirit and look to building, restoring and strengthening their relationship with God.

The greatest gift that God can provide is seeing teenagers begin their adventure with Christ, seeing father and son create life changing bonds that are built with their mutual faith in Jesus and consumed by the wonder of the Holy Spirit.




Our Mission is simple: We want to lead more teenagers to the Christian faith, we want more parents to become living examples of what Christianity does to positively change lives.

We pray to establish a Ministry that brings Christians together from around the Globe to spread the light of Christ and the teachings of Jesus throughout Africa.


    Adventure Ministry is about being innovative, humble and determined in the way we teach about Jesus which is evident with the experiences we offer.

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    Our experiences are geared around the great outdoors. Fishing, hunting and camping is what we are about and we want to have premium gear in our store.

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    We want to bring our missions to all corners of Africa and we want to promote and showcase what Africa has to offer. Our goal is to support as many businesses as possible.

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