What is Ministry On Tour: Africa?

2025 is the launch of our Christian missions where we will be visiting at least 4 African countries. 14-21 Nights travelling through Africa, teaching about Jesus, experiencing local cultures with visitors from around the world.

Ministry On Tour: Africa was created to offer an alternative vacation/ holiday option to tourists, both local and international. This is a Christian missionary experience that combines missionary work with a holiday itinerary.

Christian or religious tourism mostly target destinations with historical religious significance. Ministry On Tour: Africa provides an opportunity for all Christians around the world to experience Africa and all it's splendor with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen their Faith and helping others find theirs!

The first stage of our African venture involves leading Christian missions into Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Malawi through a self-drive 4x4 safari trip which is led by our experienced guides and professionals.

These tours will also serve as research opportunities. Whilst teaching about Jesus is the ultimate calling for Christians, we want to also see the viability of Church planting, we want to explore and learn what obstacles Christians are facing each day practicing their faith and, through these trips, we will plan further development of our future missions.


Register your interest by sending us your details below as we launch the first of 3 Christian Missions into Africa in 2025!

15 Nights of Spiritual Adventure awaits as we travel from Cape Town to the Okavango Delta and back on our first Ministry On Tour: Africa!

Every stop will include missionary work at various points on the route where our goal is to invite the Holy Spirit into the lives of as many people as possible, spreading the Gospel and learning new cultures, whilst exploring some of God's greatest scenery and forming lifelong friendships and memories!

There cannot be a better way to spend 15 nights!