Our goal in 2025 is to be spend time on Christian missions in 3 African countries where the focus is on Faith, Adventure and Family.

With Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique being our neighbours we have been led to begin our mission in these countries which MANY, if not most, South Africans have not even visited!

This is as much about research as it is about spreading the Gospel far and wide. We want to see the viability of Church planting, we want to explore from South Africa and beyond what Christians are facing each and every day practicing their faith and the obstacles they face.

In 2025 we have also been invited to Malawi, which has a very deep rooted place in our hearts, and this is where we believe we are to be by 2025.

God willing, we hope to achieve this with others, we pray for guidance, support and strength.


Register your interest by sending us your details below as we launch the first of 3 Christian Missions into Africa in 2025!

15 Nights of Spiritual Adventure awaits as we travel from Cape Town to the Okavango Delta and back on our first Ministry On Tour: Africa!

Every stop will include missionary work at various points on the route where our goal is to invite the Holy Spirit into the lives of as many people as possible, spreading the Gospel and learning new cultures, whilst exploring some of God's greatest scenery and forming lifelong friendships and memories!

There cannot be a better way to spend 15 nights!